360 Degree Virtual Tours

Selling a new design is always challenging. But by using cutting edge computer generated imagery to create 360 degree virtual tours you can bring your new designs to life.

We are DJS CGI, and by taking computer generated imagery to the next level, we provide architects, designers, estate agents, hotel owners, restaurant owners etc. with the wherewithal to allow their clients and potential clients to view their stunning properties and premises real-life detail, incorporating Gigapixel technology.

360 degree virtual tours are the real deal

360 degree virtual tours are the like the genuine thing. Just like a real tour in the physical world, a virtual tour allows you look in any direction, including up at the ceiling and down at the floor. But in many ways they are even better than a physical tour.

Instead of all of the hassle of having to travel significant distances, or journey through busy town or city traffic, and then try and find somewhere park, 360 degrees virtual tours allow you to a survey a premises from the comfort of your own home or office.

Not only does this remove the hardship of having to travel, but it also saves you time and therefore money.

The internet has already made a huge impact of the property-for-sale scene. No designer or estate agent worth its salt would be without an interactive website, allowing potential buyers and renters the opportunity to view a premises over the web through a portfolio of still photographs.

But 360 degree virtual tours take the whole view-from-home phenomenon to a whole new level.

Improve sales turn-over

If you would like to check out the ideology behind 360 degree virtual tours, and experience for yourself how this new dynamic, interactive technology could benefit, not just your clients survey experience, but multiply your business’s own sales turnover too, why not take a sample tour on our website by clicking here? 

All 360 degree virtual tours that we create here at DIS CGI are individually tailored, not just to the property, as one would expect, but to the client too. Your business’s standards, ethos and work ethic are taken into consideration in order to make 360 degree virtual tours, customised to represent your business as you wish it to be seen.   



 360 Degree Virtual Tours

The benefits of 360 degree virtual tours

There are many benefits associated with incorporating 360 degree virtual tools as part of your company’s sales process. They include:

·         Potential clients can take 360 degree virtual tools from wherever they are.

·         Keeping ahead of the competition with cutting edge technology

·         Granting full viewing rights boosts potential client confidence  

·         Provide clients with the opportunity to fully empathise with a premises

·         Retain the client’s presence on your website for longer


DIS CGI have been at the forefront of creating computer generated imagery in the architectural and property sales and letting markets since we were first formed in 2010. Based in London, we supply our services to clients the world over from our studio which houses start-of-the-art technology, and equipment. 

With our 20-strong team of studio professionals we have in-depth experience of CGI for all applications. Why not check out our list of prestigious clients who have benefitted from the DIS CGI experience?

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