3D Rendering

If you want an intricate amount of detail in a virtual reality photograph image that can be manipulated to produce lifelike detail; detail that can be presented and examined in any facet, 3D rendering is the perfect methodology to employ.

The time and care that goes into the perfect 3D rendering solution

Even with the fastest computers 3D rendering is a time consuming process. It’s not the final stage of the rendering that takes the time, it’s the 3D modelling. The 3D model data is used to produce the final rendering, and the model has to be intricately assembled to provide the complex flexibility that a 3D rendered photograph or image provides.

It is indeed all in the detail, and presenting that detail in stunning computer generated imagery is what we here at DJS CGI are all about.

3D modelling – the foundation of 3D rendering

In order to create the best presentation and sales platform for a building, even before the initial work has been started on the foundation, prospective investors and buyers need to be able to see an image that they can relate to and examine from any angle. When the 3D modelling is being assembled correctly, each aspect or component of the model has to be created with the end requirement in mind. In essence each individual pixel of information is given special attention.

The virtual representation that will one day be a real-world object, is created in stunning 3D virtual reality. This model can then be called upon for the final 3D rendering process, to create images that accurately portray any facet of the building the client wants to view in detail.

Masters of visualising the unbuilt world

It is the manipulation of these cutting edge visualisation technologies that makes DJS CGI the masters of interpreting the unbuilt world in final-build, realistic imagery.

DJS were formed in the year 2000, and since that time we have grown to become one of the most talked-about and respected architectural visualisation studies; not just here in London, but all round the world. Our 20-strong team is made up of people at the top of their professions, including coders, creative designers and photographers, and highly focussed project managers.

As we say on our website, we are quality orientated, image driven storytellers, and we have already completed a number of dazzling presentations on some of the world’s most prestigious projects. Why not take a few minutes to browse through our website at some of the superb visualisations we have completed?     


3d visualisation

 3D Rendering

Who we work for and how we go about doing what we do

Our clientele, past present and future, includes architects, property developers, interior designers and even other creative agencies. We visualise the unbuilt world by using our state-of-the-art technology and innovative design skills, by creating photo-realistic architectural imagery that allows the client to become totally immersed in the project they are studying.  

We pride ourselves in being able to capture the essence of the design in all of the projects we are invited to participate in.

Appreciating our client’s business ethics and ethos

Familiarising ourselves with our clients is key to the basic 3D rendering process. We have the technology and expertise to bring any project to life. However, in order to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, it’s key we appreciate their business ethic and ethos. This provides the foundation, on which we can focus all our skill and talent in order to create the perfect 3D rendered final imagery.

To find out more about us, how we work and how we can help you, complete the contact section on our contact us page on our website, email us at studio@djscgi.com, or call us on +44(0)20 7610 9933.