The benefits of top quality 3D rendering services

3D rendering doesn’t produce images in 3D. It gets its name from the 3D models that are created on computers. From these models, exact illustrations can be extracted and depicted in any plane. This is the essence of the 3D rendering services that are available today in the architectural visualisation business.

The images themselves are not produced in 3D. They are in 2D. Although you can view and print excerpts from the 3D model as required and in any specific planes, the images do not have real depth. However, when rendered correctly and using the latest rendering technology, things like walk-throughs and fly-bys can be created that totally immerse the viewer in a life-like experience; especially if the rendering and viewing is carried out using VR (Virtual Reality) methodology.

How rendering works

The rendering process is in effect the photographing of each pixel of the 3D model. Even with the fastest of computers, this can be a lengthy process. The colour of each pixel must be calculated by the software, and the rays of light must be traced just as when they would appear when they bounce around in a 3D world.

The rendering process is like that used in making animated movies like Shrek, and for a full-length feature film, the rendering process can take many months and even years, tying up literally hundreds of computers. The architectural 3D rendering services that we provide here at DJS CGI is of course nowhere near as long as it is for making feature films, but when the final form of the rendering is a walk-through or a fly-by, it can nonetheless take some time.

Enabling a shared understanding of any construction project

Architecture and the associated industries involve a wide range of professionals. These include architects themselves, property developers, engineers, planners and project managers, and stakeholders. Each of these people have their own requirements and perspectives when it comes down to viewing a project in drawn form.


3D Rendering Services

3D Rendering Services


Although these are all separate requirements, an entire architectural project requires a shared understanding, and it is this shared need that 3D rendering services satisfy. It is only in last few years that computer technology has advanced to the stage where 3D rendering has become feasible.

Artisan 3D rendering services

Sophisticated software has now become available, and with the right team of experts, presentations using 3D rendering can be visually stunning, precise and accurate in minute detail, and fully comprehensive so that the needs of all parties can be catered for.

This is what we do here at DJS CGI. At our Fulham studios in London, we have assembled an 18-strong team of expert CGI professionals to provide top flight 3D rendering services. We have artists, coders, creatives, designers, photographers, and project managers; all at the top of their professions in CGI. Together we can meet your architectural visualisation needs, whatever they may be.

We have a collaborative approach to every project whereby we get to know and understand our clients’ requirements and expectations and involve them at every stage of the rendering procedure.

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