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Visualising what we refer to as the “unbuilt world” has never been more exciting than it is today. Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) has brought a new technology into being, and 3D visualisation is at the core of what CGI can now do for architects, interior designers, creative agencies (like us here at DJS CGI) and property developers.

We create masterpieces of stunning 3D imagery

Here at our 3D studios in London, our in-house team of expert CGI specialists create masterpieces of 3D imagery that capture the architect’s concepts in a way that was just not possible a few short years ago.

CGI first came to the notice of the general public back in 1997 with the first Star Wars movie. It wasn’t long before the architectural industry began to realise what this new technology could do in terms of enhancing the presentation of proposed, unbuilt projects as soon as are conceived and before any building work has begun.

The world is our oyster

From our 3D studios in London, we work with our friends and colleagues in the property industry all over the UK and indeed the rest of the world. When architects are looking to sell their concepts or property developers are looking to market and sell off-plan, and interior designers wish to publicise their creations, DJS CGI is their first point of call.

Our team of CGI specialists is adept at creating photo-realistic architectural visualisations that provide totally immersive content in stills or in film that entirely capture and display the basic essence and ethic underpinning any project.


3D Studios London

3D Studios London


Bringing your project to life

By using 3D CGI technology, it is possible to visualise anything. The most imaginative ideas and concepts can be presented in stunning virtual reality, at the same time as keeping costs to an affordable minimum. Clients can not only see concepts as they should be seen before they even exist in the real world, and they can understand the potential of a new design and what it represents in practical terms.

It is the perfect platform for making aspiring presentations come to stunning life.

How we work

From our 3D studios in London, the DJS CGI team can create attention grabbing architectural visualisations from 2D concept drawings, or for intricate detailing, proportioning, etc, from full scaled drawings. We can mix in elements from a real world environment, blending the virtual world and the conventional world in seamless reality.

3D technology in itself is a wonderful tool, but it is nothing without the artistic expertise of our team to enhance concepts with the clever application of dark, light and shadow.

We couldn’t of course do what we do without you, the client and we understand the crucial necessity of working hand-in-glove with you to ensure we fully understand the concepts and the ethics at play. We update our customers regularly throughout the presentation creation process to ensure we have met the challenges and that our interpretation is spot-on.

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