3D Visualisation

3D visualisation is an exciting new concept that allows the user or client to enjoy a property viewing just as if they were really there in person. It’s a new technology that has taken the property or real estate market in the United States by storm.

Originally developed in the USA, we here at DJS CGI are one of the first CGI agencies to bring 3D visualisation into the UK, and it is arousing great interest.

3D visualisation tours – the perfect solution for overseas customers

A potential customer can take a 3D visualisation tour around any property on the device of his or her choosing, making it easily accessible. It’s particularly useful to overseas buyers, allowing then to take a comprehensive virtual tour that will enable them to inspect all details of the premises from any angle, without having to organise long, expensive and inconvenient travel.

Matterport 3D scanning

The data that enables to us to create this service is gathered by a process called Matterport 3D scanning.

When time is of the essence, we can carry out our special survey process in the morning, and create the program by close of business that same day in some instances. The program can then be uploaded and hosted on our website enabling your customers to take their life-like tour through an appropriate portal we create expressly for the purpose.


3d visualisation

 3D Visualisation

Flexible viewing options

Your customer can get the most of his or her visit by selecting the viewpoint that is most appropriate for the particular details and features they are interested in. They can switch between a "dollhouse" view and a “floor-plan” view. To make the experience even more true to life, the virtual visit can be experienced through an immersive virtual reality headset.

3D animations

3D animations, including 3D 360 degree tours are another innovative way of showcasing a property or premises. This is where art intermingles with engineering, to create dazzling presentations for selling concept designs.  

Stretching the boundaries of visualising the unbuilt world

3D visualisation is at the cutting edge of CGI, as are we ourselves here at DSJ CGI. We’ve gathered together a specialist team of 20, CGI professionals, and we are constantly expanding the boundaries of computer generated images in order to bring stunning new innovations for visualising the unbuilt world.

Understanding the client’s business ethics and ethos

Getting to know our clients is an important part of the overall process. We have the tools to bring any project or concept to life. But in order to exceed our clients’ expectations, it’s important that we understand their business ethics and ethos. This will be the foundation, on top of which we can bring all our skill and expertise to bear to create the perfect 3D visualisation presentation,

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