CGI Stills and Animation


Architectural stills and 3D animation can really bring a project to life. They are the perfect property marketing tool for any developer, architect or interior designer looking to showcase the potential of their project.

Creating a stunning CGI visualisation portfolio for arousing interest and excitement about your new architectural project is essential. The quality of that visualisation can make all the difference as to the ease with which your new venture will attract interest and impact on the market.

Producing 3D animations is a similar process to that of our CGI’s, working with the CAD drawings, interior specifications and landscape information. We then build a virtual 3D model, add materials and lighting as well as accessories and details then render, edit and combine the other footage to produce the final HD animation with a realistic feel.

We not only employ the latest state-of the-art software to create dramatic imagery, but we have the team to stretch that software to its limits. Our key to a successful CGI visualisation project lies in choosing the appropriate vehicle to show the end product in its best light, whether its photo-real visualisation, 360 degree virtual tours, augmented reality or photo montages and VR walk-throughs. We work with our clients to ensure they get the very best product for the job. Our team have a wealth of technical and engineering knowledge, design skill, and artistry. Whether you are an architect, an interior designer, a property developer, or a creative agency looking for that all-important inspiration, we here at DJS CGI can help.