Animation Studios

The animation studio that thinks outside the box

The world of Architecture is all about visual art. Finished projects, with the building as the models, speak for themselves. But marketing the concept of a new project before it is built, and interesting clients and buyers to invest in them, can be challenging. This is where our animation studio here in Fulham, London, comes into the picture.

We are DJS CGI, and from our animation studio here in the nation’s capitol, we are setting the architectural world afire with our new, stunning animated presentations. Depending on the nature of the project we can use 100% animation, or augmented reality, whereby we can overlay computer digitised characters onto a real background. We can even introduce a storyline into the presentation for even greater client involvement.

In the world of ever changing, digital, architectural presentation; we here at DJS CGI think outside the box. Our animation studio operates in the outer limits of most computer generated animation norms. This ensures that each animated presentation that we create is unique, and approaches the subject matter from a new perspective every time.

Involving the client in the creation process

We will involve you in every phase of the project, taking your concept from which we will begin the 3D modelling process, and the creation of storyboards, to give you an insight into the way that the presentation will unfold. You will have the opportunity to witness each stage of the animation process and give us your comments and feedback.

As well as focusing on the components that encompass the architectural details, we will also give you the opportunity to introduce a storyline. This gives the presentation an additional element, one that can embrace the spirit and emotion of the concept.

Many people are under the impression that animated presentations can only be begun once the architectural drawings have been completed. Indeed, the incorporation of blueprints can add fine details to any presentation. However, we can also work from architectural sketches. You will be amazed at the high levels of reality that our animation studio can generate from sketches alone. 


Lighting is key

Make no mistake; computer generated imagery is an art-form in itself. Just like real art, the use of light is absolutely critical. When this is brought into play in animated architectural presentations, it breathes life into them. As light strikes a surface, it is bounced in an infinite number of angles and directions. The use of light is something that our animation studio excels in.

The quality of the presentations our animation studio creates is so high that many clients request still frames to be taken from the animation. From these frames we can then turn them into high resolution still images. As an extra service in addition to the animation itself, this presents a highly cost effective solution, as opposed to creating still images from scratch.

The future is in animation

Animation is trending right now in the world architectural presentation and the animation studio at CJS CGI is right there at the cutting edge.

For more information, click here to be taken to our website, or call +44 (0)20 7610 9933.