Animation Studios London

Animation studios London based DJS CGI embrace cinematic influences  

Here at our animation studios London based DJS CGI can create stunning pieces of animation that can bring any architectural project to life. Our team of talented CGI professionals will show-off any new project in a totally unique way. 

If you are an architect, a property developer or an interior designer, one of our customised animations will showcase your project in a way that guarantees sales.

The new approach animation studios London based DJS CGI are pioneering

Animation is becoming increasingly popular in the architectural world, and the team at our animation studios London based facility, operate at the cutting edge of this exciting new technology. It is a flexible product and can be used equally well for formulating presentations for proposed, as yet unbuilt properties, as well as being ideal for marketing properties that have been completed.

Up until now, both architects and computer generated image specialists have tended to use animation to create “fly-throughs.”  Here at DJS CGI, we have fully embraced the potential that animation offers, from a cinematic and impressionist point of view.

Animations with storylines and moods

Rather than simply creating a visualisation, that allows the client to wander through a property, some CGI studios, like the animation studios London based DJS works out of, are capable of creating animated presentations with storylines and moods. The crucial thing about this new approach to architectural animation is that totally engages the viewer from an emotional point of view as well as a practical one.   

This unique approach to animating a presentation gives the creator of the animation more tools to work with in order to convey the full breadth and scope and of the designer’s concept. Of course this has to be done in a consultative way. By involving the client right from the outset, and testing out new ideas and angles, the end product is guaranteed to thrill. 

Bringing storylines and mood reflections into animated presentations is a natural progression. It’s not just about bricks and mortar; it’s also about the people that will inhabit the building – the people who will use it for their own creations and livelihoods.


Where to next?

Computer generated imagery in the architectural industry is still in its infancy. Animation is opening up a whole new world of presentation ideas and possibilities. This revitalising of animated presenting, through the introduction of plots and emotive drivers, is something that animation studios London based DJS CGI is fully embracing.

Here at Studio C in London’s Fulham, our team of animation presentation specialists are poised and raring to go. Whatever your project, and whether you are an architect, an interior designer or a property developer; we can bring your design concept to life. With each new technological advance, the possibilities are hugely exciting.  

It makes you wonder where the CGI industry is heading and what new concepts it will develop in the process. One thing is for sure. DJS CGI will be at the forefront, constantly pushing the boundaries in order to create immaculate animations to stimulate the clients’, client’s emotions.