Creating the perfect architectural rendering

Creating stunning a stunning architectural rendering is one of a studio’s important roles when it comes to marketing or selling an innovative building concept. It’s a function that we here at DJS CGI excel at from our London studios in Fulham. We take great pride in producing the perfect presentation that will engage potential buyers and sell the architect's concept.

Full range of architectural rendering technologies

We set about creating the right architectural rendering for the job by selecting the most appropriate process from a number of potential methodologies. These include:

·         3D renderings using photographic technology

·         3D walk-throughs

·         3D fly-by tours

·         3D real-time renderings

·         Exploded floor illustrations

·         Panoramic renderings that incorporate stunning vistas   

·         Renderings depicting completed renovation projects

·         Sociographical renderings (using light and shadow for contrast)

·         Static renderings

·         Virtual tours

Whatever the nature of your concept, whatever the budget allocated to the project; DJS CGI can and will generate a superb architectural rendering that will bring the original concept to life.


Architectural Rendering

Architectural Rendering


An architectural rendering that will complement the original design concept

As CGI (computer-generated imagery) technology continues to advance, new innovations are often used by some architectural studios at the expense of the design itself. Here at DJS CGI, we don’t play with gadgetry just for the fun of it. We never lose sight of the basic concept. Our in-house team of highly talented CGI professionals will create the right architectural rendering that will not only depict your design but will get the concept across to the viewer.

It’s all in the detail

Generating a photo-realistic architectural rendering is not just about the skill of the draftsperson. It’s about taking into account all the minutest of details. It is often the smallest of things that can change a visualisation and turn it from a merely pleasing illustration into a real-feel representation of concept architecture at its very best.

The size of the project is unimportant. Here at DJS CGI, an architectural rendering for small renovation project will receive the same care and attention as a new-build construction project. Our client base includes individual designers and architects, as well as property developers, project management businesses and interior design companies.

We are lucky enough to have participated in some of the world's most prestigious projects, and we would love to work for you too.

Visualisations in the Cloud

The cloud has brought a whole new dimension to the architectural rendering arena. No matter what size and complexity a project may be, our clients can interface with us via the cloud, accessing and viewing our presentations at all phases of the creation process.

The property development market and architectural business arena are highly competitive places. That’s why we operate under a strict business ethic offering a cloak of complete confidentially.

Getting in touch with DJS CGI

If you would like to know more about how we can help you to bring your concept designs to life, and show them to the world in a stunning presentation package, call our team here at DJS CGI on +44 (0)20 7610 9933, or email us at