Architectural Renderings

Architectural renderings are one of an architect’s and designer’s key tools when it comes to marketing or selling an innovative design. Here at DJS CGI we create superb architectural renderings from our London based studio that will help your clients to visualise a new design project in stunning real-life imagery.

The DJS CGI à la carte architectural renderings menu

The architectural rendering we can create here at DSJ CGI come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and concepts including:

·         3D rendering utilising photograph realistic technology

·         3D walk-through tours

·         3D fly-by movies

·         3D real-time renderings

·         Exploded floor plans

·         Panoramic renderings visualising inspiring surrounding vistas   

·         Renovation renderings

·         Sciographical renderings (contrasted in light and shadow)

·         Static renderings

·         Virtual tours

Whatever your project concept, whatever your project budget; DJS CGI can create captivating architectural renderings that will bring your design to life.

Architectural renderings that compliment your original design concept

As computer generated imagery technology continues to advance, new gadgetry is often introduced at the expense of the design itself. Here at DJS CGI we never lose sight of your basic concept. Our 20-strong in-house team of exceptionally talented CGI professionals will create the right architectural renderings that show your design with breathtaking visuality.



 Architectural Renderings

Attention to detail

Coming up with photo-realistic architectural renderings is not just about the creativity of the draftsperson. It’s also about meticulous planning and attention to detail. Sometimes it is the smallest of details that complete the visualisation and seal the deal.     

No project is too large or too small for DJS CGI. As well as working with some of the world’s top architects and brands, we have also completed hundreds of projects for professionals at all levels of built-environment arena.

Whether you are an architect, a property developer, an interior designer or a creative agency, DJS CGI can provide you with architectural renderings that will capture and display the concept of any project.

Every project we take on is given a fresh approach. The renderings we create are as individual and fresh as the concepts they represent.

Architectural renderings in the Cloud

We can even make your architectural renderings accessible through the cloud. Whatever the size and complexity of the project, it can be made available for anyone to view or download using cloud technology.

We have completed projects for some of the top architects on the planet who have trusted our business ethos and ability to work under a cloak of complete confidentially.

How to contact DJS CGI

To find out more about how we can help you to bring your designs to life, and how to show them in a stunning presentation package, call the team here at DJS CGI on +44 (0)20 7610 9933, or email us at, or complete the contact form on our “contact-us” page on our website.