Architectural Visualisation

Are you a designer or architect looking to bring your project to life? It’d hard to visualise a building or interior from an image, this is where architectural visualisation can help. The studio at DJS can bring your project to life be it for an interior or exterior project.  Having been established in 2010 we have quickly grown to be at the forefront of all things design related. Individually we are a talented bunch however when combined we can create stunning finishes for any project.

Our 20 strong studio or artists have a wealth of experience and knowledge in all industries design and CGI related. We can proudly say we have worked on some of the most prestigious projects in the world, bringing imagery to life no matter what the subject matter. We are driven by an ethos to provide the utmost quality and to help you tell your story. At our disposal is a multitude of software packages and techniques and when you combine this with our constant thirst for moving forwards it’s easy to see why word of mouth is responsible for a lot of our work.

Architectural visualisation is the art of bringing a design project to life, allowing the architect and client to easily see how a finished project would look in the real world. Sometimes a static image or plans don’t portray the finished product or show off the designer’s skills. We can help, by allowing all parties to clearly see how the end product will look. Unfortunately, most of our projects are highly confidential and we cannot showcase these on our website, however we have displayed some examples for you to see.

Some of our projects include hotels, large buildings and international properties for worldwide companies. From Marinas to hotels and restaurants to office blocks including high-rise sky scrapers, we can visualise anything. We approach each project with an open mind and an understanding that each project is unique and requires its own strategy. 

We constantly test ourselves, pushing forward the boundaries by which our industry adheres to. This allows us to create work which is never bounded by the restrictions usually associated with CGI. Rightly so we are proud of how we are always moving forward and leading the way when it comes to architectural visualisation. 


Architectural Visualisation

The studio houses some of the most state of the art equipment available, with software that can only be used by fully trained professionals who understand the concept of design and bringing images to life. Our clients vision becomes ours once we take on a new project. We have a highly extensive range of skills to call upon and being housed in one studio in London means we can call upon one of our many talented designers and experts in their field should we need to.

We can work with any project or designer and we can bring any set of plans or drawings to life, be it in the form of an image or film using CGI. If you are a designer or architect then it’s vital your client can visualise the end result. We will make sure they see your plans in the best light possible and showcase your talents.

We provide our services around the globe not just in the UK. We are based in London however we work with clients all around the world and all sized businesses. Please feel free to contact us today for an informal chat regarding your project requirements and how we can help you using architectural visualisation.