In need of a stunning architectural visualisation London? ­

If you have a current project for which you need a top supplier of stunning architectural visualisation in London, you’ve come to the right place. We are DJS CGI, one of the brightest stars in the property marketing firmament, and our studio here in Fulham, where we create architectural presentation magic, is on standby awaiting your call.

Architectural visualisation in London, (or anywhere else come to that) for the project you have in mind, is all about finding a CGI design team that excels, and that is precisely what we at DJS CGI offer - CGI excellence.

Working at the cutting edge of the CGI industry

Over the past 15-years or so, computer generated imagery has come-on leaps and bounds. New technological innovations are constantly being brought to market in what is one of the fastest growing industries on the planet. DJS CGI operate at the cutting edge of the architectural visualisation industry, and our team of in-house professionals use the latest releases of CGI software.

Any CGI professional worth his or her salt can create good looking architectural visualisations, but it takes a highly talented team, like the team we have assembled here in Fulham, to create CGI magic. Our team is 18 members strong and they are all at the top of their respective fields, which includes: artistic creativity, coding, design, photography, and project management.

Creating stunning architectural visualisation London

An artistic visualisation in London must have outstanding qualities. Our capital is littered with architectural masterpieces such as the Gherkin, the Lloyds Building, the NCP Car Park in Welbeck Street, and of course the Shard. Obtaining planning permission and getting stakeholders on board would be impossible for projects like these without the right CGI studio that can produce a jaw-dropping architectural visualisation in London when it is needed.

The purpose of creating the right architectural visualisation in London can be used for assistance with gaining planning permission for a new construction project, to gain stakeholders, and to sell the concept of the development to interested parties, be they future owners, landlords, construction companies and property developers.


Architectural Visualisation London

Architectural Visualisation London


Architectural visualisations for all needs

But it’s not just new construction projects that benefit from impressive architectural visual presentations; interior design projects can profit from them too. In fact, many of our clients have been and are, interior design individuals and interior design houses. Check out the interior design project we completed for an exclusive penthouse development in the heart of London’s prestigious Bayswater district. You’ll find it on our website on the “Projects” page.

This is a prime example of an architectural visualisation in London that we produced using a blend of our expert on-site photography know-how and a CGI software program called V-Ray. While you’re browsing our website take a look at the Canon Street project. This is a great example of the creation and use of verified views which were produced and supplemented with a full set of montages to assist with the marketing of the site.

The world is our oyster

Whether it’s an architectural visualisation project London or elsewhere in the wold, DJS-CGI are the design studio for you. You’ll love our collaborative approach; an approach which sees us work as an extension of your business, involving you in every step of the visualisation process and turning your concepts into stunning architectural presentations.


If you’d like to find out more DJS0CGI and how we can help, please browse through our website, call us on +44 (0)20 7610 9933 or email us at