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In the hustle and bustle of the 21st century, we all understand that change is inevitable. It is something that on-the-whole we should be embraced, especially when the changes are to the good. It's the same in the world of architecture, which is why having the right architectural visualisation design company to call on makes all the difference.

The majority of significant changes are usually met with considerable resistance, and the same is true in terms of architectural visualisation. The firms and individuals who had been using traditional 2D software wanted to continue down the road that they knew. There are still many people even today who stick with the old 2D visualisations.

Sticking with 2D methodology seems rather odd; especially when you consider that these are derived from 3D modelling in the first place. It does feel rather Luddite-like in approach.

Embracing the new 3D architectural visual presentation concepts

To be fair, the vast majority of architectural personnel at all levels, have now fully embraced the 3D resolution concept, particularly when it is wielded by a top architectural visualisation company like

DJS CGI. It is, without any shadow of a doubt, the future of the renderimg industry in the architectural arena.

3D technology allows exponents to combine old-world craftsmanship with the latest cutting-edge technology. It facilitates the planning of building projects in a more economic and cost-effective way. Already, there are a plethora of new advancements that take today's 3D technology process to previously unthought of highs; and this is where we here at DJS CGI come into the picture.


Architectural visualisation company

Architectural visualisation company


The top architectural visualisation company in London

DJS CGI is an architectural visualisation company based in London. Although London is a great place to be from a business perspective, many of our clients have never visited our studios. They are located all over the UK as well as worldwide, and super-fast internet allows us to communicate and share our renderings at all stages of the production process.

When we approach a new project, it is with a clear mind. We do not rely on preconceived ideas. All of the work that we carry out is uniquely individual. Whether we utilise augmented reality, still imagery, or even the ancient art of illustration, we create presentations that exceed expectations, bringing our clients’ concepts to stunning life.

Why you should choose DJS CGI

The thing that sets us apart as an architectural visualisation company is our customer service mentality, our relationship building skills and our collaborative approach. We bond with our customers right from the start. It is your conceptual designs that we are bringing to life, and we will choose the right methodology, or blend of technologies to achieve the best and the right solution.

We don't try to complicate things. We understand that our clients have budgets to work with and we do our best to operate within those confines. However, if we feel that your project will benefit from a specific process, we will advise you accordingly.

For more information about choosing us here at DJS CGI as your preferred architectural visualisation company, please call us today on +44(0)20 7610 9933 or email