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DJS CGI – one of the most sought after CGI companies in London

When it comes down to selecting one of the top CGI companies in London to work with, we here at DJS CGI sit right on top of the pile. It’s partly to do with our mastery of computer generated imagery, partly to do with the specialised team of CGI professionals that we have gathered, and partly to do with our business ethic.

Selling conceptual ideas and designs

Selling concepts is always difficult. Architects and designers know exactly what is behind their concepts because it is they who have had the notion and developed the design. But putting conceptual ideas in front of potential clients, so that they can see behind the vision, is not easy to do. Not that is, until CGI came on the scene and great exponents of CGI appeared such as DJS CGI.


There are of course dozens of CGI companies in London, so why you might ask yourself, should you choose us? What sets us apart from the rank and file?

What it really boils down to, apart from our technical expertise, is the way that we interact with our clients. We are not so big-headed as to think that we hold the license on CGI expertise. There are a number of other CGI companies in London that can match us from a technical point of view. However, nobody can match our vision, and that is where we score, time after time.


CGI Companies

CGI Companies


All aspects of CGI

The CGI knowledge our team possesses is immense. We have recruited the most talented coders, creative minds, visual artists, photographers, project managers, and visual artists to ensure we have a depth of knowledge in all aspects of CGI, including:

·         360 degree virtual tours

·         3D animations

·         3D rendering

·         Architectural rendering

·         Architectural visualisation

·         Augmented reality

·         Fly-throughs

·         Interactive stereoscopic VR

·         Matterport 3D space scanning

·         Mobile 360 degree animation

·         Photo montages

·         Product visualisation

Having the knowledge is one thing, but knowing how best to deploy that knowledge in order to capture our clients’ concepts is where we excel.

Why we are one of the most sought-after CGI companies in London

We first began trading back in the year 2010. Since then, we have grown exponentially thanks to word of mouth and recommendations from the delighted clients we have worked with. We are now not only one of the most sought after CGI companies in London – but in the world. We have been chosen to work on some the world’s most prestigious projects. Take a browse at our website and you will see what we mean.

We work very closely with all our clients. Translating architects’ and interior designers’ concepts can only be achieved by working hand in glove with them. Once we have taken the concept on board, we show clients our vision. We keep you up to date throughout the visualisation process so you have the opportunity to see how the CGI process is developing. 

Call us for an initial free, no-obligation consultation

If you are checking out the CGI companies in London, you can now stop. Whatever your project, no one will be able to visualise in better than us. Contact us today for a preliminary, no obligation, free consultation. Call +44 (0)20 71832017 or email us at