Stunning, inexpensive CGI presentations from the DJS CGI studio in London

Computer generated imagery (CGI for short) knows no bounds. Since its inception in the cinematic world back in 1997 with the release of the first Star Wars movie, it is now virtually impossible to tell digital creations from true-life animals and objects.

It has also transformed the marketing world, and in particular, the world of architecture, and from our CGI studio in London, we here at DJS CGI can bring the unbuilt world into stunning, virtual reality.


Once-upon-a-time it was only designers and architects who could envisage their creations in any semblance of reality before they were physically modelled or built. Today, with the help of our CGI studio in London, we can bring the image that only the privileged few could picture, to its full glory for all and sundry to enjoy.     

The CGI toolbox

CGI uses a variety of techniques and technologies to create its imagery. 3D perception is called upon to bring depth and definition into play, and animations can be used to produce walk-throughs and fly-bys.

The CGI studio in London with the human touch

But it’s not just the technological elements that are needed. You also need artistry too, and here at our CGI studio in London, the team of CGI experts we have assembled, are that rare breed who can combine the skills of the technologist with that of the artist. We also have specialist coders and talented photographers, and together, we can create presentations of truly remarkable imagery. 

By employing textures, with variations of light and dark and the creation of shadow, ordinary images of extraordinary objects can be brought to life in stunning relief, in creations that can assault the senses.


CGI Studio London

CGI Studio London


Exceptional works of virtual reality

Whereas before, potential clients and buyers had to make the best of 2D drawings, which lent accuracy but were hard for the ordinary person to interpret, and artists’ impressions, which although beautiful were clearly only sketches, CGI now produces exceptional works of virtual reality.

Horses for courses

It is, however, a matter of “horses for courses.” There is no point in overcomplicating things simply for the sake of it, or just because we can. Here at our CGI studio in London we will recommend the right image for the job. CGI is relatively inexpensive, but the old adage remains true. The simpler the presentation, the less it costs.

Creating 3D models in order to produce 3D visualisations is complicated, and depending on the complexity of the project, can be time-consuming and therefore expensive. If a still 2 or 3D image will do the job, it will be more cost effective. At the end of the day, it is down to you, the client to decide what works best for you, and what sort of presentation will sell your concept. We are here to advise on the various possibilities, their pros and cons, and to carry out your instructions. 

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