CGI Visualisation

Creating a stunning CGI visualisation portfolio for arousing interest and excitement about your new architectural project is essential. The quality of that visualisation can make all the difference as to the ease with which your new venture will attract potential clients.

Masters of CGI visualisation

Here at DJS CGI we are masters of CGI visualisation. We not only employ the latest state-of the-art software to create scintillating imagery, but we have the team to stretch that software to its limits, taking CGI visualisation to new heights.

The key to a successful CGI visualisation project lies in choosing the appropriate vehicle to show the end product in its very best light. For some projects, where the surrounding vistas are an integral part of the projects attraction, CGI incorporates photo-real 360 degree virtual tours plus augmented reality achieves to achieve remarkable results.

For less complex projects, where the visualisation of the aesthetics is of prime importance, photo montages and VR walk-throughs may be best employed.

Creating the perfect visual story

Whether you are an architect, an interior designer, a property developer, or a creative agency looking for that all-important inspiration, we here at DJS CGI can help. Our 20-strong team of top CGI professionals have in-depth knowledge of all CGI visualisation technologies.

CGI visualisation is an unusual blend of technical knowledge, design skill, engineering knowledge and artistry. Successfully bringing all of these elements together is what creates the prefect visual story.

To get a full picture of what we do, the technologies we employ, and how we can help, take quick look at the services page on our website. 


cgi visualisation

 CGI Visualisation

Making virtual designs with photo-real integrity

CGI visualisation is used for marketing and selling architectural designs in both the real word and the virtual world. Virtual designs need the right approach when it comes selling the vision. It’s all too easy to create visuals that look too virtual. Getting the mix between virtual and real is the key to engaging the client.

Creating photo-real imagery is second nature to DJS CGI. 3D animation is another of our specialities. We have a full set of tools in our CGI visualisation toolbox, and we have the expertise to use them to produce stunning results.

DJS CGI constantly achieve new heights

Whatever the project - whatever the challenge; DJS CGI will rise to the occasion. We do it time after time. Every new project is approached uniquely from its own individual characteristic viewpoint. We take into account the specifics of the project, and the identity and the ethos of the client we are working for.

We will survey the location to establish the best viewpoints, the best camera angles, and will even take into account the best time of day to gather images. Light, shade and depth, all have their own attributes that go towards building the perfect image.                 

Some of the prestigious projects DJS CGI have completed

Just take a peek at some of the recent work we have completed on prestigious projects both here in the UK and in other locations across the planet (like Royal Atlantis in Dubai).  

To find out more about the best in CGI visualisation services that can enhance the marketing and sales of any architectural project, call DJS GGI on +44 (0)20 7610 9933, or email us at, or complete the contact form on our “contact-us” page on our website.