DJS have recently been commissioned to undertake CGIs with a looser, more conceptual feel. These can often be for pitches or where a design is still under development or where a client wants to communicate the essence of the design without finalising every detail.  In these cases we take a step back from the project and identify the key messages of the vision and then decide which views best communicate these and how to get all the key messages into a few view points. 

We often use props and people to assist with the story and the images generally have a looser, more stylistic feel that encourage the viewer to be inquisitive and find out more about the project.  Often the turnaround times are shorter with a more intense production cycle that we enjoy and this leads to great collaboration between architects, developers and ourselves.  Our first love is finely grafted, highly detailed, complex images that communicate the intended final vision but these conceptual visualisations add an exciting extra string to the DJS bow. 

If you would like to find out more then drop us a line and we can discuss how this service might help you.