"We are quality orientated, image driven, story tellers."


DJS were established in 2010, we have grown from modest beginnings through word of mouth and recommendations to become a leading architectural visualisation studio.  We have attracted a highly talented team of 9 visual artists, project managers, creatives and photographers.  Together we are fortunate enough to work on some of the world's most prestigious developments.

Using a multitude of software and our ingenuity we are able to offer a range of services that enable us to assist our clients in visualising their projects.  At the heart of what we do is a thirst to keep learning and developing new technology and a quality orientated approach.


The Team

Gregg Stone  Director 

+ Gregg Stone


Gregg heads up DJS CGI and is therefore in charge of dishwasher loading, unloading and ranting about poor dishwasher positioning and etiquette. When not wrestling with the joys of a piece of porridge welded like a stubborn barnacle to the side of an errant bowl he manages our projects, enquiries and general direction. Gregg is currently exuding the sort of smugness that only the reigning champion of the 10min Friday Post Edit Challenge can muster. Contact Gregg to discuss your project further.


+ Andy Butler

CGI Director

Mr Technical – no job too small or too big, Andy has a great technical background, loves experimenting with new software and plug-ins and is the living embodiment of the “never stop learning” attitude – handy when you work in an industry that is constantly evolving. Andy has worked on projects all over the world and has a long experience in the Architectural CG industry delivering stunning results.

Andy is also one of those people who is just good at literally everything. Chicken Husbandry, Sunday League Goal Scoring Hero (28 goals in a season inc 2 perfect hat tricks), master of the allotment, Super Dad and arguably the best tea maker in the West, but more importantly, he is just a very nice guy and the leader of our merry team.

Ray Dowling  Director

+ Ray Dowling


Ray can cling to the edge of a crane ladder, 10 stories up in a force nine gale and driving rain and still get “the” shot and you will definitely hear about it, many times. A rigorous attitude to everything, a real details man, Ray is a photographer by training and well versed in the complexities and unique challenges of the property market.

Chris Lown   CGI Artist

+ Chris Lown

Creative Director

Chris is the company film bore…he knows every film ever made and can tell you what food they served on set. He has never seen Sharknado. Chris originally cut his CGI teeth in the design and build world before applying to work with DJS. We liked him, but we loved his photography skills which got him the job – a great eye for a shot, an excellent understanding of the technical side of photography have given him a great skill set as a CG artist and Creative Director

Tom Dutfield  Senior CGI Artist

+ Tom Dutfield

CGI Artist

Tom..not Tommy, not Thomas…just Tom. The man from Devon with a passion for surfing, rugby and copious hair growth. Tom arrived with us quite fresh faced, he now looks like Animal from the Muppets. No nonsense, straightforward and not suffering fools, Tom once as a holiday job worked in Jessops, this added to his photography knowledge and showed him that customer service was not for him and he followed his dreams of moving to London to work in CG.


+ Zoe Couch

Sales & Marketing Executive


+ Amanda Pederzolli

Accounts Manager


+ Carl Monte D'Cruz

Office Admin


+ Jasmine Dyce

Office Admin


+ Edith

Edith is a Pug and despite appearances is highly aggressive.


Our Clients

We work with some of the world's leading architecture and design brands.  Most of our work is highly confidential and we take pride in the degree of discretion we offer.


Licensed Software