Over the years DJS have been approached to carry out a lot of property film work as often this can tie in with our architectural animations.  We were initial hesitant to get involved in pure film projects but we quickly learnt that the same skills of meticulous planning, storyboarding and looking ahead that we gained through architectural films have meant we are ideally suited to create striking films. 


Filming in the real world brings its own challenges and despite the best of plans film shoots don’t always go to plan but we have learnt that it is how you deal with these challenges that makes the difference to the final film.  We like to put a lot of work in prior to the shoot day to ensure there is a clear visual plan of the targets to be captured.  These detailed storyboards ensure the shoot is as quantifiable and efficient as possible.


We combine helicopter footage, ground based steady cams and gyros to ensure we capture each property in an interesting and exciting way that provokes thoughts and delivers strong messages. We also have the CG ability to add details not possible through film, ideal when a property is complex or the messages intricate.