Matterport 3D Scanning

Here in the studio  we have now launched a new product called Virtual View – this is our new 3d Scanning service that can quickly 3d scan building interiors and create a highly impactful and also immersive experience that is the closest thing to being in the actual property yourself.  The end user can easily navigate through the space looking in any direction they like  and gain a deep understanding of the environment they are broswing.  The business use for Matterport 3d Scanning has revolutionised the housing marketing in the US and is proving a success in the UK now.

The scanning process is quick taking half a day for a normal 3 bed Apartment or office dept. This scan is then quickly edited and processed and is then available to view normally within 5 hours of visiting the site to perform the scan. The 3d immersive scan is then simply hosted online and can be added to a website and works just as well on desktop computer, table and even your mobile. It could be viewed on a VR headsets as well such as Oculus or Samsung Gear VR taking the experience to a whole new level.



  Matterport 3d scanning

This product can be useful for various  industries such as insurance claims, law cases, building site progress and before and after showcases amongst many others. 

A property or building can be scanned in the  morning with the 3d viewable end result ready later that very same  day and able to be hosted on a website and viewable within a portal from anywhere in the world by your client.

Viewers can choose to navigate between a “dollhouse” or “floor plan” view, and also easily navigate their way around the property, this is the next best thing to actually viewing it in reality too so handy for those interested in a property who cannot make it to actually visit the building in real life.  The technology is also  always evolving and it is  even possible to view a property in an immersive VR headset for the ultimate in almost there experience. There are many instances where this product is highly useful and each day we are finding new ways to provide this service.

Our specialist in house team can bring any project, plan or drawing to life and with 20 plus years of experience we work to provide you with a professional end result.

Our Matterport 3D Scanning is leading the way in virtual reality tours and is taking the UK and our industry by storm. Get in touch today to see how we can help your business or project.