Virtual Reality has had a few attempts over the years to win people over but it has previously not been so successful.  This time the signs are very promising and this emerging medium is having a positive impact in the architecture and property world.  Assisted by some heavy investment from Facebook and various new headset options in the Gear VR and the Oculus Rift it opens up possibilities to understand designs and spaces like never before.


DJS were cautious of implementing VR at first while many embraced it without understanding how it might be best distributed.  You can review our recent blog post on the subject here.  Consideration of where and how the content is delivered is critical, even down to the last detail such as if the viewer will be seated of stood up when viewing their device.


DJS are convinced this medium, in the right settings can have a very powerful impact on sales and design understanding.  We have started to offer it on each appropriate project as an extra service, it can be produces at a comparable cost to a static image and allows for many options on delivery of the product so it is not purely reliant on the headsets.