Royal Atlantis


DJS we requested to produce a set of dramatic images for the Royal Atlantis, Dubai development.  This highly prestigious “World” project includes a 90 meter high sky pool, amazing restaurants and world leading luxury residences and hotel facilities.  DJS collaborated with the world leaders in water displays, WET Design known for their las Vegas fountains to create a stunning fire and water display.  DJS also coordinated information from two separate landscape designers, two interiors designers and event experience designers to create a set of images that were to lead a global campaign.


The incredible cantilevered design and curving façade breaks down the building mass and gives the impression of floor floating to lend a magical feel to the visuals as the structure rises out of the impeccable landscaped areas to over look Dubai and the rest of the palm.  DJS also collaborated to create some further marketing visuals that placed models and props within the context of the building to add a sprinkling of glamour to the imagery.




Scene Design