LIVING VISUALS - Imagery that comes to life.

Control The Lighting

Once you have clicked, move up and down. Alternatively use the scroll wheel if you have a mouse.

What is a Living Visual?

DJS are excited to launch a new wave of images, LIVING VISUALS. This exciting product is a hybrid between still images and animation and add interactivity with the viewer, engaging them in the space. Living Visuals are able to illustrate how light affects a space, how design details work,how people flow through a room or simply to highlight the features of a space in a unique way. 

Living Visuals are created by using the existing 3D model the we build for the visualisations. By working the 3D model harder for our clients we can offer more impact and more value. Living Visuals are about maximum impact that engage clients with involvement and interactivity.

We would love to show you how Living Visuals work and how they can benefit your project. If you would like to hear more please get in touch and we look forward to showcasing this new visualisation tool to you and your team.