The Templewood project was a year in the making and involved all the team at DJS. We developed a set of visuals as well we two interactive VR environments for this unique, super high end development. 

Working very closely with the interior design team we were able to offer a really inclusive customer experience that involved the input of the designers at every stage as the images developed.  This inclusive way of working added real value to the visualisation and design process which then also assisted the end result. These images featured fully bespoke 3d modelled furniture, bespoke finishes and materials and the results are some of the most detailed images we have ever produced.  We are really proud of our work on this project.

The VR experience allowed the designers to get a real feel for the layout and space and this proved another invaluable part of how DJS and the designers collaborated to get.  The depth and 3d nature of the experience really helped to check furniture spacing’s during the early stages as well enabling the final design to be reviewed in 3d too.