Verified Views or Accurate Visual Representation (AVR's) are highly accurate architectural photo-montages which are achieved by combining a 3D model with verified photography and using precise camera positions, survey data, exact coordinates and a strict recorded methodology. Verified views are invaluable for Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA's) and planning applications to understand the potential effect of a scheme on the surrounding area. 


After an initial briefing where the location of views is chosen, we attend the site and take high resolution photography from each viewpoint recording a set of detailed parameters including; position of the camera, angle and lens focal length, GPS location and sensor information. Our surveyor also records a range of reference points and the camera locations. Using existing 3D data, models or architectural drawings, we generate a 3D model of the scheme and import the survey data and reference points, matching the angles and locations of each camera setting. Our advanced post production software allows us to montage the high resolution photography and rendered 3D model to produce a stunning visualisation of the scheme. A methodology report with all relevant viewpoints, survey data and exact information is produced along with images indicating the before and after images.


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