Verified Views

Verified views in stunning life-like virtual reality

If you are in need of verified views to forward the idea of a new project, you won’t find anyone better anywhere in the world than us here at DJS CGI. This is no idle boast.

Verified views are painstakingly created by a thorough process designed to record specific, detailed dimensional information. These dimensions are then applied to the subject matter, and the final rendering is produced using sophisticated state of the art software incorporating 3D inter-spatial technology.

How verified views are created

The creation of verified views needs diligent planning and execution. The first stage is sending one of our skilled professionals to site so that he/she can create a number of exact reference points where cameras will be positioned in order to achieve the necessary high grade of accuracy.

Precision is the key

Our methodology then continues with the taking of a series of high-resolution photographs. These are taken from the pre-established strategic locations and viewpoints with a view to capturing the necessary exact parameters that include things such as geographic location, and elevation details taking note of the vertical position, the lens focal length and sensor information.  Precision is essential 

The next stage in the process of creating verified views is to take all available information in the form of architects drawings and any 3D data that exists, to enable us to put together an overall 3D model of the project.

Matching the conventional cameras with the virtual

Having created a 3D model, we then import all of the survey data we collected including all of the numerous reference points together with the actual locations of the cameras used to take the photographs. By reviewing all other appropriate technical information like the lens focal lengths etc. we can set about rendering the images through the virtual cameras that are exactly matched to the actual ones.

Once this stage has been completed we then employ the state-of-the-art photo editing software we have, in order to compose a montage of the photographs taken, blending in the rendered images and masking any parts of the render that would be obscured by the new construction.   


Verified Views

Verified Views

 Verified Views

Documenting verified views

The before-and-after images of each viewpoint are then recorded in a complete document. This document also carries relevant information regarding each camera location, the type of camera, the lenses used for each shot, all of the survey points and a resume of the complete process we used to create the rendered verified views.

Reality check

When carried out with the methodology described above, with the necessary expertise, care and attention, a verified view looks totally realistic. The only way of telling that it is a CGI visualisation is to compare the before (current) image, and the after (intended future) image. 

The full range of visualisation possibilities courtesy of DJS CGI

Verified views are just one aspect of CGI visualisation that we offer. We create animated and augmented reality presentations, 3D walk-throughs and fly-bys, the visualisation of interiors, mast photography and complete 360-degree mobile animations.

Whatever you require visualising, DJS CGI can oblige, To find out more about how we can help you to market a new project in an engaging and compelling way, please call us on +44 (0)20 7183 2017.