Virtual Reality is a powerful tool within the marketing of certain projects and schemes. DJS feel this medium in the right setting, can give a better understanding of the overall design. We offer VR as an extra service on schemes where we feel it will add to the value of the project. With heavy investment from Facebook and various new headset options, Gear VR and Oculus Rift, the end product is only getting better and can be a cost effective yet impactful tool to sit alongside the rest of the marketing.


Exciting and creative projects with a looser more conceptual feel, we thoroughly enjoy the design process of these images. The project is usually within the early stages and hence the overall detail is incomplete. By using props and people the images have a more stylistic feel whilst communicating the key messages and the end feel of the design.



Film is becoming a much more popular medium and DJS have been retained to carry out property film work that can tie in with the architectural animations. We work up story boards and a plan prior to the shoot to ensure everything runs efficiently. We can combine helicopter footage, ground based steady cams and gyros to cover all the details. We are also able to add in CGI’s on areas we are not able to film. The end product can be an exciting and invaluable tool to sit alongside the rest of the marketing collateral.