VR Studios

VR studios at the cutting edge of visualisation technology

VR studios are not just places that utilise the latest technology; they are places that take that technology and push it to the edge of its limits in order to create new virtual worlds that can be explored interactively by the viewer.   

Turning blueprints and conceptual designs into stunning life-like visualisations

Virtual reality has never been more realistic that it is today. The best VR studios like DJS CGI in London can produce stunning VR illustrations and walk-throughs from concept drawings or architect’s building blueprints. The more detail available, the more accurate a rendering will be.

Whether we are talking about a new build project or a totally refurbished interior design, VR studios can visualise the architects’ or designers’ concepts in captivating life-like imagery.

Meeting the challenge of visualising the unbuilt world

Marketing or selling new constructs before they are built has always been a challenge. Before VR technology got to where it is at today, the industry had to rely on artists’ impressions. Good as though these were, you always had the feeling that the artist had prettied the image up and was depicting more of a dream than a reality.

However, with the state-of-the-art technology that is now available, VR studios portray buildings and interiors in stunning virtual reality. Gone are the "airy-fairy" interpretations that might have been associated with visualisations of unbuilt projects. In its place there is the unmistakable feel of actuality.


VR Studios

VR Studios


Technology and talent

Of course, it's not just about the technology. Although this plays a large part in any VR presentation, it's the people that manipulate that technology that make the difference. Here at out VR studios at DJS CGI, we have a highly talented team of individuals who pool their talents to create breathtaking VR visualisations.

The new cutting edge tools that we now have at our disposal enable us to create presentations of architecture in full 3D environments, bringing a spatial awareness that gives the viewer the feeling of physically being there. With our interactive software, we give the viewer the ability to explore their surroundings as they wish. Opening doors, cupboards and drawers, moving from one space to another; the end product is as realistic as carrying out a survey in the real world.

A tool of ultimate convenience

In some ways, it is even better than the reality. Instead of having to travel miles, or even fly to a foreign destination, the visualisation can be viewed on screen in the office or at home. We can even configure presentations for viewing on a mobile device. For the ultimate viewer experience, presentations can be seen through a VR headset.

Designing inside the virtual environment

With the onward march of progress in the VR world, it is now possible for artists, designers and coders to work in the 3D environment they are visualising. Rather than first designing in 2D and then translating it into 3D, the technician is right there in the environment, so he/she can see the immediate impact that their designs and decisions have on the space around them.

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