DJS see increase in demand of CGI's as UK developers market overseas

Gazzano Building CGI

With research showing that 69% of all new homes in Prime Central London sold to international buyers in the two years to June 2013[1], London based CGI specialists, Dowling Jones & Stone,  have seen a notable change in the requirement from London developers who increasingly need materials that provide assurance of their final product to the overseas market.

Gregg Stone, Director of Dowling Jones & Stone, comments: “In the last year or so, we have noticed a shift in the requirements from property developers, particularly those creating large schemes.  Many of them have no intention of marketing their project in the UK and only aim for specific foreign territories, often just one market.  They usually hold an exhibition to that market, in Hong Kong, for example, attract interest and sell the whole scheme in one show.

“Historically, when targeting the UK purchaser, these developers may have produced several external CGIs of their scheme in order to sell the vision, but the overseas market requires more.  Foreign buyers need assurance and knowledge of the purchase as they won’t be visiting and might not know the area.  As such, we’re often asked to produce a combination of external CGIs that give context to the development, as well as internal images to give a feel for design and quality.  CGIs help to communicate the overall look and feel of a scheme and its location, so they help to create better marketing materials – not only brochures, but exhibition sales stands, too.  The developments are also in close competition with other schemes from London as well as other countries, so it’s increasingly important to ensure visuals provide an edge over the competition.”

Adam Stackhouse of Prime Asset Properties an agent who sells properties to overseas buyers, adds: “Strong marketing collateral is imperative to enable us to sell overseas. These buyers want visuals that demonstrate the specification and finish, and armed with outstanding CGI’s, potential buyers can start to visualise the product without any input from us, building trust whilst we concentrate on the location and yield requirements that they are targeting.”

[1] Knight Frank “International Buyers in London” research report, October 2013

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