Thames Frost Fair

Just in case you missed it over the festive period, here's a little fun project we created (along with press release) in anticipation for the forthcoming 'winter freeze'! Who knows, maybe one day it could be reality!

London based CGI and visualisation specialists, Dowling Jones Stone, have launched plans for a proposed “frost fair” on the Thames in anticipation of record-breaking cold temperatures. The 30,000 sq m space would utilise the dip in river temperatures using green energy to freeze the water and create the largest man-made ice space in the world.

The ice will be strong enough to form the foundations of an alpine themed Christmas market, featuring two Austrian Beer halls, a 70m Observation wheel and assorted other fairground rides and a central ice skating area. The annual installation is expected to attract 15,000 daily visitors and will be in place from November 2014.

Director, Paul Jones, said “ The Thames is the largest un-developed space in the capital and we are showing an innovative temporary idea that will provide a unique space and attract tourists and Londoners to join in the festive and wintery cheer. The concept is routed in the 16th Century when the Thames regularly froze over and fairs, games, football, and sled racing were undertaken - we are taking their ideas and 'supercharging' them”.