Hadrian’s Wall Reimagined

Hadrian’s Wall Reimagined To Attract Funding In Time For Scottish Independence Vote

Hadrian’s Wall Committee has revealed elaborate plans in a bid to preserve one of Britain’s most famous monuments. After the devastating news broke last week that funding cuts had forced the trustees to close the seven-year-old organisation, drastic measures were taken to relight the funding fires and promote the importance of one of Britain’s most historical sites. 

The iconic redesign of Hadrian’s Wall, to be known as the ‘The Cut’, will be rebuilt in angular panels of glass and steel to reflect the light and beautiful scenery. The viewing platform and walkway will help preserve the ancient monument from any further damage and decay, as well as acting as an educational centre and museum to attract visitors from across the globe. Plans for 'The Cut' have faced criticism from lobbyists stating the reconstruction of Hadrian’s Wall is a political manoeuvre in the run up to the Scottish Independence vote in September. Political activist Hamish Zenofobe, commented on the design by London CGI specialists Dowling Jones Stone, “The Cut is a beautiful and iconic redesign of a world famous monument which is in need of some TLC, and it will no doubt draw huge numbers of visitors a year. That aside, it is still a blatant attempt to kick Scotland out of England, and make them stay out." 

The design and financial plans are still in early phases, but are due to be presented to Parliament before September 2014. 

This copy and imagery is embargoed until 1st April 2014. It is purely for use on the 1st of April, no member of any independent parties were harmed in the production of this press release. This is solely intended as an April Fools joke. DJS are an architectural visualisation studio in London, designing the un-built environment through CGI.

Gregg StoneComment