Architecture in Animation

A successful visualisation accurately captures and presents the client’s concept, exactly as they envisioned it to be. Attending Jonathan Gale’s “Architecture in Animation” seminar at the Royal Institute of British Architects on Tuesday night inspired us to further explore the idea that the key to achieving this goal is establishing open communication between CGI artists and clients.

Regular communication aids everyone by keeping the vision clear, making sure that all parties understand one another and that they are moving congruently toward the same ultimate result. Making small alterations along the way saves valuable time and is much less expensive than waiting until the project is completed to find out that major changes need to be made.

Actively corresponding with and listening to the needs of your clients can also help to deepen your relationship with them and build trust. By keeping them informed on your progress along the way and allowing them to have input, the client is made to feel that they are a valued and playing an important role in the development of their product. It also lets reminds them that you are actively working on their project and that they are a priority to you. Establishing this type of connection can lead to long-term client relationships and lead to repeat transactions.

Keep the line of communication open, and let your clients know that you value their input. By maintaining a clear understanding of your client’s expectations, you can ensure that the end product directly reflects the outcome they had in mind.

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