My Internship at DJS CGI

My name is Nicolas, I am a senior student studying Visualisation & Motion Design in Belgium.

I have been following the work of DJS for a few of years and am amazed by their quality of images and the atmosphere present in all their projects.

In October, I decided to contact them to request a position as an intern. Two months later, I was in London. People back home, don't usually get the opportunity to work in such an incredible city as London so I was very excited about the opportunity.

On my first day, I was anxious and worried about lacking experience but was eager to learn and participate impactful projects.  I received a warm welcome from all the DJS team and went straight to work on a project under the supervision of Andy Buttler, Lead CG at DJS. The first two weeks were challenging. The pace in DJS is completely different to what I was accustomed to at school, designers work on several projects at once and have short deadlines.

I was exhausted at the end of each day but kept working hard to meet expectations and avoid being a burden to the team.

After a short period of acclimatisation, I was able to manage my time, workload, and started contributing to the company.


What I have accomplished

Despite being a student, I was considered an equal member of the team, and my skills and potential were valued.

Throughout the three months I interned, I was assigned many meaningful tasks. Being surrounded by the DJS team, I was able to learn day to day, and build strength and confidence.

I had the opportunity to work on interior, commercial place, building complex, and family house. All these project were delivered to big companies based in UK and worldwide. For the first time, my work impacted real and meaningful projects, and resulted in great satisfaction for myself. I am eager to see the implementation of these projects in a near future.

This internship gave me a real insight of what a 3D Visualisation company does and confirmed my wish to pursue a career in the field.


More than a company

Beside a valuable work experience, my stay in London allowed me to forge true friendships with amazing artists, who were dedicated to their jobs and eager to share their passion.

I want to thank all the members of this amazing team for the unforgettable experience, which allowed me to develop my working skills and to grow as a person.

It is with a twinge of sadness that I moved back to Belgium but confident that I have learned invaluable skills that will help me for the rest of my studies.


It was an honour to be part of the DJS family.

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