Student Accommodation Visualisations On the Up

Over the past two years, we have experienced a significant increase in demand for high-end visualisations of student housing. Investment in student housing has been rapidly growing in recent years, as it represents an affordable opportunity to enter the housing market in up-and-coming towns throughout the UK and London. Individual student apartments are priced to be accessible to buyers all over the world, and their marketing techniques need attract this audience in the best way possible. Thus, the need for our quality visualisations that serve to increase the understanding of the marketing process and intensify the impact of marketing efforts.

We can’t help but notice that today’s students have a much higher expectation for their living accommodations compared to the more modest student digs of yore. Gone are the days of “The Levellers” posters plastered across the wall, a kitchen equipped with the hand-me-down sandwich toaster, courtesy of Aunt Trish, and housemates’ sports equipment festering in the corner of the living room. This is the era of high-tech audio-visual rooms, fitness centres, “chilaxing” areas, coffee bars and en suite bathrooms. Cries of the phrase “in my day…” echo through the halls. The fact is, today’s students want to be impressed by what they see during their housing search. DJS visualisations accurately and brilliantly portray all the features of your student housing project in a way that will make buyers’ eyes light up.

Devil is in the Detail. Investors want to have their potential purchase explained to them in a way that clearly demonstrates the value they will be receiving for their money, and makes them feel at ease. Visuals for student rooms must be 100% correct. Using our flexible approach to CGI production, we are able to present precise work-in-progress images to architects, interior designers, construction teams and property marketing agencies so that all elements of the project can be easily reviewed and discussed. Our images are frequently used in construction meetings, as well as during consultations between architects and developers for the purpose of clarifying construction details. Every specification, from maintenance panels to smoke detectors to oven specifications, needs to be spot on in order for the “product” to be communicated as intended. These details are often revised on site due to construction factors, and are then fed back to us so that we can implement them into the visuals. For these purposes, we ensure that our CGI production process is as flexible and efficient as possible. We must have the ability to promptly respond to changes in design, and we use production techniques that allow us to do so.

Railclone is one tool that allows us to produce repeated patterns throughout an image, such as railings or stairs, without having to go through and reproduce them manually. This allows us to respond to changes in design more quickly, saving valuable time for the client as well as for us.

Another technique we use is Forest Pack, which enables us to create high resolution foliage across an entire landscape. From the creators of Railclone, this program allows us to quickly render and edit designs, and manages computer resources well.

Many visualisations require multiple views of one scene that display the product with different parameters, such as various camera angles or lighting changes. For this, we use RP Manager to store multiple image renderings in one file. By storing our images this way, any changes we make in one image are automatically recreated throughout all corresponding images so that we don’t have to go through and change each one individually.

With so many student developments in progress today, it is essential that you stand out from the crowd. Poor quality visualisations can severely hamper any marketing efforts, especially when buyers are comparing and contesting separate developments. At DJS CGI, we have a proven history of prioritising quality and realism in our images. We aim to challenge ourselves by benchmarking our images against the best of the London visualisation market, and indeed create a benchmark of our own within the industry. These characteristics combined with our flexible service capabilities ensure tremendous, impactful results that are sure to deliver sales.


Gregg StoneComment