Virtual View 3D Scanning

We have recently launched Virtual View – our new 3d Scanning service that can quickly and efficiently 3d scan building interiors and deliver an impactful immersive experience that is the closest thing to being in the property yourself.  The user can navigate round the space looking in all directions and gain a deep understanding of the environment.  The uses for Matterport 3d Scanning which has revolutionised real estate marketing in the US and is being take up by early adopters in the UK.

The scanning process takes half a day for a typical 3 bed Apartment or office floor.  The scan is then edited and processed and available to view within 5 hours of visiting site.  The 3d immersive scan is hosted online and can be embedded within a website and works equally well on desktop, table and mobile. There are also opportunities to use it with VR headsets such as Oculus or Samsung Gear VR.

Asside from property marketing being able to show a site in a detailed controllable way such as this raises lots of questions about how this technology can have other applications.  

Insurance Claims:  Reviewing sites after damage is caused – Virtual View 3d Scanning can create and relatively quick record of the site that is shareable amongst any interested party with an internet connection.  This could save multiple journeys to sites that may be difficult to access and provide clear and quick information for all concerned.

Law Cases:  Reviewing and recording crime scenes through matterport 3d scanning could provide excellent evidence of what happened and again this can be shared once the 3d scan is uploaded.

Building Site Progress: The afternoon before a large construction project meeting a 3d scan of a site could be undertaken. The would mean that all aspects of the build could be recored and available for viewing in a meeting saving a team of experts visiting a site in a potentially inconvenient location.  Site progress can be reviewed against previous scans and decisions made based on clear 3d scanned.

Before and After Site Completion:  Prior to works being undertaken sites can be scanned to review and then following building works completed then can be scanned to allow for comparison.  For architects and developers scans of completed sites prior to them opening could provide excellent portfolio pieces that allow for them to share their past sites with future clients.

If you think Virtual view 3d scanning could assist your business then please contact our team to discuss further.

Gregg StoneComment